Hana Hasan fled Syria two years ago, to seek safety in her country of origin, nearby Lebanon.

She had lived in Syria for almost 26 years, after marrying a Syrian man. Though her husband died a dozen years ago, Hana was able to remain in the country and provide for her six children – until the fighting forced them from their home.

Hana unpacks the food which will last her family up to two weeks.

Hana unpacks the food which will last her family up to two weeks.

Now living once more in Lebanon, Hana is struggling. Her children are considered to be Syrian refugees, and as such are not allowed to legally work and study in Lebanon. Her 21-year old son – the eldest – has managed to secure some work as a restaurant cleaner, but the five dollars he earns for a day’s work is far less than the family needs.

Hana receives a small allowance from the government, and the family live in a one-room apartment. Most evenings they have no electricity, and rely on their neighbours for water and food.

She worries about her children, she told us when we met her last year. Most of the time the family only eat once a day, and the poor nutrition leaves the children feeling weak.

Hana received one of over 3,800 Ramadan food parcels distributed in Lebanon last year. The package included rice, beans pasta and noodles, as well as tea, sugar, oil, tomato paste and dates.

“I expected that the food pack would be small,” she said. “But I was happy to see sufficient food for couple of weeks in Ramadan. I pray for Islamic Relief donors to have a long life and happy moments.”

The number of people driven from Syria has topped 2.5 million, with the figure continuing to rise. This Ramadan, they are safe from the violence that is tearing through the country, but many face the poverty and hardship of life as a refugee.

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