Widowed mother-of-ten Hanan lives with her family in the northern Gaza Strip. She and her children rely on assistance from Islamic Relief, at Eid and throughout the year.

“We benefit from Islamic Relief’s orphan sponsorship programme, through which we receive financial support, clothing and school stationery,” said Hanan.

“One of the lovely moments that we have is Eid, when we receive Qurbani meat from Islamic Relief. My children love to eat meat.”

In 2013, Hanan’s family Qurbani package contained two kilograms of fresh meat. They were amongst more than 5,000 poor households in Gaza and over 1,200 in the West Bank to receive a pack.

Hanan and her children give thanks to God for their meal, made with Qurbani meat.

Hanan and her children give thanks to God for their meal, made with Qurbani meat.

With the Qurbani purchased locally, Islamic Relief also helped to support the local economy – as well as enabling Hanan and her children to enjoy a more varied diet at Eid.

“In general, we don’t eat meat. We eat vegetables, because they are cheaper and meat is expensive. I can’t afford good quality meat like this. The first day, I made rice and meat for my children. The next day, I cooked kebab.”

Hanan’s daughter, Ghadeer, 13, described a joyful Eid.

“Eid was beautiful. We played and mother cooked our favorite meal. Me, my sisters and friends went to an amusement park. We had a lot of fun this year, I’ve never had such [a nice] time since the death of my father, a few years ago. I wished he was there with me.”

Last year, our Qurbani programme benefitted Hanan and over 2.1 million other poor people worldwide – and we want to reach even more this year. Share blessings and joy with poor families: give your Qurbani with Islamic Relief.