Hasan Bazazi, 70, and his grandchildren face tough living conditions and an uncertain future as the Syrian crisis enters its fifth year.

Hasan fled to Jordan with his five grandchildren after their parents were killed when a barrel bomb struck their home in Syria.

“I am shocked,” Hasan told us when we met him in Mafraq governorate, where a high percentage of Syrian refugees live. “The children are traumatised by the loss of their parents.

“I am doing my best to make up for the loss, but it is too hard for me to be their mother and father at the same time. I am 70. I cook, I wash their clothes. Sometimes one of my friends helps me clean the house. I am praying to God (SWT) for long life so I can raise them peacefully.”

Their third year in Jordan

The family particularly struggled as snowstorm Huda battered Jordan earlier this year, and temperatures plummeted below freezing. “This is our third year in Jordan. We don’t have any source of income but food vouchers. The children and I are enduring the bitter cold.”

After hearing about their situation on Jordanian television, Islamic Relief visited Hasan at his rented home.

“We were stunned when the Islamic Relief team knocked the door. They were holding blankets and a heater with a gas cylinder. We needed that so badly. The team was nice to the children.

“The children are so happy. They are enjoying the winter now. Warmth is what we needed. Your help made us feel better as it alleviated our suffering. Now, I have saved money that enabled me to buy other items we require.”

More aid is needed

Hasan's grandchildren say 'Thank you' for the aid items they received.

Hasan’s grandchildren say ‘Thank you’ for the aid items they received.

Hasan was one of 24,909 people to benefit from our distribution of vital winter items, which reached refugee families in Mafraq, Jerash, Ramtha and Irbid.

Hasan’s ten-year old grandson said that the items have helped his family, but they need so much more.

“Before your assistance, we were shivering,” said Mazar. “Now the heater is on most of the time. We are enjoying watching television and playing hide and seek.

“Thank you Islamic Relief. Do not forget us. We need an education, which is our only hope.”

Hasan agreed, pointing out that the family need help to pay the rent and to live with dignity.

“Life with dignity is what we are looking for. Dignity is the only thing left.”

Since the onset of the crisis four years ago, Islamic Relief has been providing life-saving humanitarian aid to protect lives and dignity. We work deep inside Syria and in neighbouring countries including Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon to help those affected by the fighting. So far, we have provided a lifeline to more than seven million people.

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