Hawa, outside her home in Juba, South Sudan

Hawa Ibrahim Said is a mother-of-eight from Juba, South Sudan. She supports her eight children, five of whom are grown-up.

We spoke to her last year as she received a 19kg foodpack to help the family observe Ramadan.

“I cannot afford traditional Ramadan food for financial reasons, so observing Ramadan becomes difficult. During the day I have to work hard to get food for my family.

“I work as labourer in a construction company, which is our only income, so if I do not work, I will not be able to get food.

“Here in Juba, everything costs money – water, food, and medication. I earn SSP 20 (£3 GBP) per day, and with that I have to buy all these things for ten people. It is not enough, as the prices are going up every day.”

Hawa explained, “Our usual diet in Ramadan consists of bread, beans, green vegetables and some fruits.

“Sometimes my family goes without food when work doesn’t pay me on time. Although Islamic Relief’s food pack is small, it helps to cover us, it helps a lot.”

Around 2,420 people benefitted from Ramadan food parcels in South Sudan last year. One Islamic Relief foodpack contained flour, sugar, rice, lentils, oil, dates, pasta and powdered drinks.

Hawa explained, “The Ramadan package helps my children and I during Ramadan because I cannot afford to buy some products, such as sugar, rice, flour and other items which Islamic Relief provided.”

This year, use the power of your zakat to make it easier for even more families to observe Ramadan. Donate today.