Around 1,500 orphaned Afghan children, as well as their siblings and guardians, are benefitting from healthcare services provided by Islamic Relief.

Inadequate governmental provision make it difficult for poor families to access healthcare services in Afghanistan, a country in which more than 34 per cent of the population is food insecure.

Now, Islamic Relief is bridging the gap to boost access to life-changing healthcare for some of the poorest children and their families. Our scheme supports vulnerable children sponsored through Islamic Relief, therefore adding to a package of care that meets the basic needs of children and enables them to make the most of their education.

It serves children living below the poverty line in the provinces of Kabul, Nangahar, Bamyan and Balkh. Through the project, the children and their families receive regular check-ups. Free treatment is provided by the Islamic Relief general practitioner, and where more serious conditions are diagnosed, we support referrals to specialist hospital services.

About 7,500 individuals are benefitting from the project, which began in 2013 and ends later this year.

Islamic Relief has served poor families in Afghanistan for over 20 years, delivering a range of development and relief projects designed to ease suffering and reduce poverty.