More than 6 million people have fled Syria since civil war broke out in 2011, leaving their homes and everything they knew behind.

Ayda’s daughter Hiba was shot as they fled to Lebanon, and now lives with chronic pain. Ayda has rheumatism and depends on NGOs to source the medication she needs.

With her husband gone, Ayda is reliant on her stepson for food and other essentials.

“Several people in our area are undergoing such severe conditions,” Ayda says. “Each person is going through his or her own struggles, and copes with the hardships as it is test from Allah for all of us.”

Ayda with an Islamic Relief worker in Lebanon

In the winter, Ayda’s condition worsens, and she is forced to stay under blankets all the time to keep warm amid fuel shortages in Lebanon.

Islamic Relief gave Ayda a food parcel containing long-lasting, quality items that were enough to keep her family going.

“I would like to thank the donors because they didn’t abandon us,” Ayda says.

“May Allah bless them and accept their good deeds. I pray for the betterment of our life and the life of my stepson’s family.”

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