Millions of people will face life-threatening situations this winter. Freezing temperatures mean that the lives of babies, children and impoverished families are at serious risk.

Islamic Relief (IR) is working in multiple locations all over the world to limit the suffering people are facing this winter. IR offices have been distributing emergency aid, food, clothing, blankets and mattresses to people affected by war, conflicts and poverty.

One example of our winter efforts is taking place inside Syria and southern Turkey where IR teams have been working hard to ensure essential winter supplies are available for displaced people and refugees. IR has managed to procure 48,000 blankets, 17,000 mattresses, 15,000 plastic sheets, 10,000 carpets, 42,000 winter jackets, and more than 48,000 shoes for delivery and distribution inside Syria.

According to the UN 13 million people are in desperate need as winter sets in. Our distribution efforts inside Syria are ongoing. The items have been very helpful for needy families and the newly displaced people from northern Hama. In southern Turkey we have distributed 4,000 blankets, 4,000 mattress , 4,000 shoes and 4,000 jackets for Syrian refugees.

Many other regions of the world have also been affected by the harsh winter weather. We will be providing more updates soon.

Our efforts are ongoing. Please help us reach those who are in need this winter. Your donations can save lives.