Islamic Relief has carried out training to develop teachers’ skills, so they can help even more children to make the most of their education.

Around 150 teachers in Erbil and Baghdad have been taught computer literacy, and how to use software such as Microsoft Word and Excel. They have also been trained in how to use smart boards. Teachers were taught how to use modern methods of teaching, such as e-learning and group work, in their lesson plans.

Teacher training was carried out through face-to-face seminars, group work, practical simulations and live classroom observations as well as through follow-up support.

The training was delivered as part of an ambitious Islamic Relief programme to improve education and teaching, particularly for girls, in Baghdad and Erbil.

To mark International Women’s Day, teacher Inaam Ahmed Jasem is sharing her experiences of education. She is one of the teachers who benefitted from our programme to support teachers in Iraq. She still remembers her favourite teacher at school and hopes to inspire future generations in a similar way.

We are sharing stories from some of our female beneficiaries to mark International Women’s Day. These include education for girls living in slums in Bangladesh and women in Afghanistan.