Islamic Relief was on the ground delivering lifesaving humanitarian aid throughout the 2014 conflict. Our current programmes focus on supporting those whose lives have been shattered by the fighting.

  • During the conflict, we improved access to water and provided over 23,500 foodpacks and hot meals, as well as kitchen sets, hygiene kits, clothing, and essential items such as blankets and mattresses – as well as truckloads of medicines and medical supplies.
  • Our post-conflict recovery projects have so far constructed shelters for 60 families, provided 4,000 people with access to water and sanitation, and seen 30,000 individuals with essential items such as cooking utensils.
  • About 500,000 people have benefitted from medical disposables provided by Islamic Relied, and thousands of children have received psychosocial support to help them come to terms with their experiences.
  • We are currently repairing and improving 20 kindergartens and assisting hundreds of vulnerable families with medicine, food, and education kits.

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