Rizk’s life is back on track, thanks to an Islamic Relief Jordan project to help people who have lost limbs, are disabled, or have been injured in Syria’s brutal conflict. The life-changing scheme is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through Islamic Relief Germany.

“I used to be a gym coach, enjoying a high level of physical fitness,” said Rizk. Then he damaged his leg in an accident. The trauma later caused a small tumour to form on his femur, which turned into cancer. He underwent chemotherapy.

“The football accident turned my life upside down. I used to receive treatment in an attempt to save my leg. It didn’t work,” explained the father-of-five. “When the doctor finally decided to amputate my leg as it was not possible to salvage the limb, I was overwhelmed by grief. In a moment, my life changed forever.

“Three weeks post-surgery, I felt relieved – [there was] no pain at all. But I had to wake up and smell the coffee: I was unemployed and inactive.”

Moving onward and upward with the support of Islamic Relief

Then, Rizk heard about Islamic Relief’s work to help people who had lost a limb or have other disabilities.

Rizk received a new prosthesis and physiotherapy.

Rizk received a new prosthesis and physiotherapy.

“I love challenges – I never in my life gave up. As a coach, this is my nature. I heard about Islamic Relief Jordan through a newspaper. I immediately called and visited them the following day. Talking to the team, I was in high spirits. They gave me hope.”

The Islamic Relief project assists poor Jordanians with disabilities who are not medically insured, as well as injured Syrian refugees. The project – which is delivered in association with the German-Syrian Association for the Promotion of Freedom and Human Rights – provides new prostheses and physiotherapy so they can regain their independence.

“I presented for the assessment session. After one week, I received the artificial limb. I was trained on walking independently.

“My life changed again. It is easier now: I am astonished. I have returned to my pre-accident lifestyle. Serving myself at home, I help my wife cook, teach the kids, trim the trees in my garden. I take my children to school, share in their hobbies, play football with them. I also got back my job as a gym coach.

“I would like to convey my deep gratitude to the Islamic Relief’s team for their dedication and consistency. I was looking for a life with dignity.”

So far, 165 prostheses have been provided through the scheme, which is among a range of Islamic Relief projects designed to help vulnerable people in Jordan.