With Islamic Relief’s qurbani programme, your sacrifice helps some of the world’s poorest families. Last year, our qurbani meat packs reached more than 3 million people in scores of countries.

By donating your qurbani through Islamic Relief, you can make sure less fortunate families can celebrate Eid free from worrying about how they will eat.

You’ll give joy to people like Zenab, who received an Islamic Relief qurbani meat pack last Eid al-Adha.

“I was born and raised in Nigeria, as was my late husband,” says Zenab, 27. “My husband and my father were killed in an attack by an armed group. I was pregnant with my last child at the time. Since then, I do not know where my mother and siblings are.

It is by the grace of Allah that my five children and I are surviving. I clean homes and wash clothes to earn some money, and sometimes generous people give me leftover food so I can take it home for my children.

“I do not even dream about eating meat. It is costly and I cannot afford it. My children look weak and their health is not like that of other children – I think this is because they don’t get any meat to eat.

But then Zenab received one of over 38,400 qurbani meat packs distributed by Islamic Relief in Chad. It meant she and her children could enjoy the blessed days of Eid – and supplement their diet after the holy festival ended, too.

The qurbani meat pack from Islamic Relief will help me and my children for two weeks. I am going to cook some of it, and dry some so we can have it on other days.

“Eid al-Adha – we used to call it Eid al-Kabir – is one of the happiest days for all of my brothers and sisters in Islam. It is the time when even the neediest of people can find something to eat and celebrate.

“I would like to thank Allah, and thank those who are helping us on this blessed day.”

Zenab cooks her qurbani meat at Eid.

Send the gift of qurbani with Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief is one of the largest international organisations carrying out qurbani programmes. Our efficient, cost-effective and reliable process prioritises the most vulnerable families, animal welfare, quality and hygiene.

Pick a group and we’ll make sure your qurbani gets to those who need it most:

  • Group A – €60
    Chad, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Somalia
  • Group B – €90
    Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan
  • Group C – €190
    Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh (refugees from Myanmar), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chechnya (Russian Federation),  Kosova, South Africa, Syria, the Philippines, Tunisia, Yemen
  • Group D – €300
    Gaza (Occupied Palestinian Territories), Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey (refugees from Syria)

Give joy this Eid. Donate today so people like Zenab can enjoy the blessed days free from worrying about what they will eat.