Since fleeing his native Malawi, Ibrahim Wamala now lives with his family in Juru, a village on the outskirts of Zimbabwe’s capital city. His refugee status makes it almost impossible to get a job.

When we met the father-of-three last year, he told us that – like many refugees in his community – he has no income. His family depends on what Ibrahim grows on his small homestead garden, and occasional humanitarian aid.

“It is difficult to get food,” said Ibrahim, 52. “We eat what we have in the garden. When my children get sick there is nothing we can do. It affects my children in school. They don’t do well.”

Despite the grinding poverty that Ibrahim endures, the holy month is still a time of joy and comfort.

“I enjoy Ramadan. It is a blessing from God. It makes me feel closer to God and helps me and my family with all our problems.

“My wife and I wake up in the morning and prepare what we can for the children to eat. During the day I work in the garden and collect water from the Masjid. We all pray more in Ramadan. The whole community goes to the Masjid.”

Though Muslims around the world may look forward to special food when they break their fast, there is no such luxury for Ibrahim and his household.

“In Ramadan and [throughout the year], we eat sadza (a traditional food made from maize) and vegetables from the garden.”

Giving joy at Ramadan

But in 2014, Ibrahim’s family became one of 1,700 poor households in Zimbabwe to receive an Islamic Relief food parcel. Packed with essential items such as rice, flour, salt and cooking oil, it also contained treats like peanut butter and biscuits – and a bar of soap.

“I am very happy with the food parcel! It will give us much more [variety]. We know that we will not go to sleep hungry. This food will last us for the whole month. Everyone in the community appreciates what Islamic Relief has given us. We thank the donors for the food for Ramadan.”

This beautiful month, help a poor family like Ibrahim’s to break their fast with nutritious food. Give joy: donate to our Ramadan appeal.