Inak Sltah lives with her grandson in a village in East Lombok, Indonesia.

“Even at the age of 70, I have to work to make ends meet,” said Inak when we met her last year in Dasan Tereng village. “I get food from members of the community for the work I do at their homes. I get water from the mosque.”

Inak’s small income is supplemented by occasional charity from local people and support from relatives, so her diet is very limited.

“We can only buy some inexpensive food like instant noodles, or what I receive from the community – mostly rice.”

Relief from hunger at Ramadan

It is even harder for Inak to feed herself and her grandson, Fajri, at Ramadan, she told us.

“During Ramadan, food prices soar and we are unable to buy food items on the market.”

But in 2014, Inak became one of more than 18,900 people to benefit from family food parcels distributed by Islamic Relief in Indonesia. The Ramadan foodpacks contained essential staples such as flour, rice, cooking oil, noodles, canned milk and tea.

Alhamdulliah, me and the community here are very happy. We do not have to buy food for the rest of the holy month. This also means that I can rest for a few days. I can save my money and spend on other things I need, and [I can] buy more rice. Thank you so much.”

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