At least 91 people are officially reported as dead, and the death toll continues to rise after a huge 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Lombok on Sunday 5th August. It is also being reported that at least 40 people are trapped under a collapsed mosque in North Lombok.

Islamic Relief’s Country Director in Indonesia, Nanang Dirja, said:

“Many areas are inaccessible so the death toll will unfortunately be much higher than is currently being reported. There are thousands of people who have not received any aid at all. There are massive needs on the ground; mainly clean water, food, shelter and mosquito nets. Many houses have collapsed and people are sleeping in the open air. Thankfully it’s not raining, but it will be soon and that will be a massive problem for all those who have lost their homes, and for the aid efforts.”

He added:

“I have just received reports and a video about a collapsed mosque in North Lombok, where it is believed 40 bodies are trapped inside. Rescue teams are aware of this and are now on the scene.”

Islamic Relief has six staff members on the ground and is working with Konsepsi, a local partner based in Lombok Utara.

Yesterday, Konsepsi reported 28 deaths, including 10 in Dangiang village, Kecamatan Kayangan, 9 in Gondang village, Gangga sub-district, 5 people in Sesait village, Kayangan and 3 in Santong Pansor village.

Mohammed Taquidiin, Director of Konsepsi, said that there are fears for more deaths in Sesait village and also deaths in Lombok Utara district but it is hard to know exactly what is happening due to the fact that there is no electricity. One of his staff member’s house was flattened but he and his family are safe.

Zul Ashfi, Humanitarian Programme Coordinator for Islamic Relief in Indonesia, said:

“The situation is catastrophic but we are now doing all we can to get to the people who need the aid most. Yesterday I saw people fleeing for their lives, screaming for help into their mobile phones as they ran. It was very traumatic. They are now sleeping in the open air and have nothing. We are now working against the clock to reach as many people in need as we can.”

Islamic Relief in Indonesia has rented two vehicles to help transport injured people to hospital and is distributing emergency food supplies, clean water, tarpaulin for temporary shelter, blankets and hygiene kits, including soap and water.

In the coming days, Islamic Relief in Indonesia plans to provide vouchers to families with small children, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, the elderly and people with disabilities so they can buy the urgent items that they need.

We will continue to monitor the situation and scale up our operations according to the need.



Notes to Editor

Islamic Relief has worked in Indonesia since 2000. We are currently working in Nangroe Aceh Darusallam (NAD), West Sumatera, Jawa Barat, Nusa Tengarra Barat and Banten.