This International Youth Day, Islamic Relief is recognising and celebrating the outstanding contributions of our young volunteers and activists, who are pushing for positive change around the world.

Here, young volunteers from three countries explain why they give their time to help others and have their say on the issues that matter to them.

“We help others and make the world better”
Amina, 19, Chechnya

Amina volunteers with Islamic Relief in Chechnya.

Amina volunteers with Islamic Relief in Chechnya.

I live in Grozny and am a Biology and Chemistry student at the Chechen State University. Life can be hard in Chechnya. I heard a lot about Islamic Relief and its work. I joined as a volunteer earlier this year. I love being able to share my warmth and kindness and see people’s eyes light up with hope, knowing that you are trying to make their lives better. There is so much pain in the world and we, the youth, could help to reduce it.

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“Thunder is impressive, but lightening does the job”
Hiba, 25, Jordan

Hiba volunteers with Islamic Relief Jordan.

Hiba volunteers with Islamic relief Jordan.

I live in Amman. I am currently a volunteer administration assistant at Islamic Relief Jordan. Life has a different taste when you give without expecting anything in return. People don’t realise the importance of young volunteers, our views are often underestimated and our work unacknowledged. Young people here in Jordan connect with Islamic Relief, because it gives them an outlet for positive action. Voluntary work helps connect the community itself, it is so very important. Those in power should listen to the youth.

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“Today we are youth, tomorrow we are leaders”
Munadiah, 17, United Kingdom

Munadiah is an Islamic Relief UK volunteer.

Munadiah is an Islamic Relief UK volunteer.

I live in London. There are many issues facing young people, but three of the biggest are lack of engagement, lack of awareness and lack of education. Decision-makers need to understand that we are the future. The way in which we participate in society is influenced by our life experiences, and volunteering teaches us about sacrifice, humility and many technical skills that will help us do well and engage better in our communities. I joined Islamic Relief as a volunteer three years ago and it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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Find out more about how young people are helping change the world, and join in the conversation at #InternationalYouthDay