Open letter urges UN Security Council members to end year of inaction

Islamic Relief’s country director in Yemen has spoken out on behalf of the seven million Yemenis at risk of famine and more than 50,000 who have been killed or wounded in conflict.

Joining 21 other humanitarian and human rights organisations, Islamic Relief has signed an open letter to members of the UN Security Council – in particular the United Kingdom – calling for a meaningful response after a year of inaction.

It states: “The Security Council can and must do more to protect civilians from the horrors of cholera, hunger and indiscriminate attacks by all parties to the conflict.”

The UK is responsible for initiating any UN Security Council action on Yemen, including drafting a resolution or a statement.

The letter, below, urges Security Council members to work towards an immediate ceasefire in Yemen and to ensure that parties in the conflict take the following steps:

  • UNSC letter final with logos-page-001Ensure the full and effective functioning of Hodeida port, including by installing four new cranes, ending excessive delays for ships delivering essential commodities, and ruling out the proposed military attack on the port.
  • Re-open Sana’a airport to commercial flights, so increased humanitarian supplies can get in and people seeking medical treatment can leave.
  • Enable the effective functioning of the Central Bank so public sector salaries can be paid.
  • Comply with international humanitarian and human rights law, including by ensuring the safety of civilians and releasing arbitrarily held detainees.

The letter also calls upon countries, including members of the Security Council, who are fuelling the conflict by supplying arms that are at risk of being used in the conflict, to cease doing so immediately.

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