Islamic Relief welcomes commitments to the Green Climate Fund made at the UN Climate Summit but warns there is still a long way to go if we are to protect the planet and its most vulnerable inhabitants.

“We welcome the significant commitments to replenishing the Green Climate Fund made by some governments but the international response is a mixed bag. Where are the countries who are making no commitments at all to this important initiative?” said Naser Haghamed, CEO of Islamic Relief Worldwide.

“You need serious funding to support emissions mitigation that favours the poorest countries, effective climate adaptation projects and climate-sensitive aid programmes. It is the duty of all rich countries to double and redouble their contributions.

“I was moved by the powerful call from many leaders in poorer countries to stop ignoring the devastation that climate change is already causing. In Chad, just one country in West Africa, the impacts of climate change include intense drought, shrinking waterways, heat waves, violent winds, desertification, famine and forced migration.

“Human greed in richer countries is at the root of some of these desperate problems we are seeing. We need to work together to find solutions.”

He added, “At this summit it has not been at all clear that the strongest countries are heeding religious and business voices calling for action, or the young people taking to the streets to demand change, or the scientists telling us what needs to be done. We move on to the next climate meeting in December, fearful that the last chance to act may not be far away.”

Islamic Relief works with some of the most vulnerable people in the world to help them adapt to the effects of climate change and we are committed to addressing the causes of global warming.  We also support local and government efforts to develop climate-friendly policies. Find out more about our climate change work.