Thursday 11th October 2017

To commemorate the International Day of the Girl, Islamic Relief Worldwide CEO Naser Haghamed is joining Plan International today, at an annual global girls’ rights summit, this year taking place in partnership with the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo.

The theme for this year’s global celebrations is the importance of investing in girls’ wellbeing and resilience so all girls can lead, learn, decide and thrive. This global action on International Day of the Girl is a call for a social and political revolution to tear down the barriers that continue to hold girls back. When girls have equal opportunities, they can transform their lives and communities.

Mr Haghamed will be highlighting Islamic Relief Worldwide’s commitment to the wellbeing of girls particularly tackling and challenging harmful practices such Early Forced Marriage and the impact it has.

You can follow updates from Mr Haghamed from Paris on his Twitter account.