Amna Mohammed with her family in Jordan

Amna Mohammed lives a 45 minute drive from Jordan’s capital city, in Baq’a camp – which is the largest camp in the Middle East.

The houses in Baq’a – which is accessible only by bumpy roads – are poorly built but the sense of community is strong. At this time of year, fawanees, colorful lights, are dotted around the entire camp.

Ramadan is the holy month, a time of goodness and forgiveness, and is considered one of the five pillars in Islam. It is the month in which Allah (SWT) showers his worshipers with mercy and blessings, and Muslims strive to move closer to God.

“I am 37 years old, a mother of eight children,” said Amna. “My husband died due to a heart attack two years ago, and I am now forced to face my destiny alone and take responsibility in life’s journey.

“I am struggling to buy household items. The demands of the kids are endless. I am so stressed and there tensions in the family. I am entirely dependent on help from the local community.

“Sometimes, widowed women are treated as outcasts for no crime other than losing our husbands. My son needs frequent check-ups at the hospital, as he suffers from ear problems. I cannot afford it financially. Alhamdulillah.”

Amna’s 13 year old daughter, Sarah, said: “I always dream of a big feast, containing different kinds of food that will be enough for everyone in the family. It is only a dream.

“In Ramadan, expenses increase. Iftar, suhoor, guests, and invitations… I feel sorry for my mother, how she can manage it all by herself?”

Islamic Relief Jordan has provided a lifeline to Amna’s family, and many others who face hardship during the blessed month.

The Ramadan food parcel which Amna received was filled with essential staples – including rice, flour, lentils, pasta and milk, as well as sugar and tomato paste.

The food packs are offered alongside the regular support that vulnerable families receive through our orphan sponsorship programme.

“My deep gratitude goes to Islamic Relief Jordan,” said Amna. “The food parcels are sufficient for the whole holy month. We can now enjoy the sacred moments of the month. The harmony is back between me and my children.

“The sponsorship I receive helps solve many financial problems. No unpaid bills, my debts are paid. Islamic Relief maintains our dignity and cares for us. May God generously reward you. We hope that your assistance will continue ever after.”

With your support, Islamic Relief provides vital assistance for the world’s most vulnerable people – at Ramadan and throughout the year.