Islamic Relief Worldwide

Islamic Relief has committed over $700,000 to help families affected by the dire situation in Ukraine. At least 2,000 people have been killed and wounded amid the conflict which began on 24 February, and over 3 million people have fled the country in search of safety.

Many of those forced from their homes are sheltering in crowded spaces, often with poor sanitation facilities. This has meant that infectious diseases such as Covid-19, cholera, and tuberculosis are on the rise.

To make matters worse, hospitals and roads have been destroyed amid the fighting, leaving many struggling to receive the healthcare they desperately need.

Water and electricity facilities have also been destroyed and many families trapped in conflict zones are on the brink of survival.

12 million people are now in dire need of humanitarian aid. 

We’re doing what we can to help

Islamic Relief will be working with trusted international partners to provide people in Ukraine and refugees who have fled to bordering Moldova with desperately-needed food aid.

Islamic Relief helps vulnerable people affected by conflict across the globe and with your help, we can continue our lifesaving work. Please donate to our Global Emergencies Fund.