Islamic Relief Worldwide

Islamic Relief has offered funding to help support vulnerable families affected by the dire situation in Ukraine. At least 1, 100 people have been killed and wounded amid the conflict which began on 24 February, and the humanitarian situation is worsening by the day.

Over 500 people have also been wounded as heavy fighting and explosions continue. Homes and buildings have been ruined, leaving many without shelter.

Roads alongside water, electricity and sanitation facilities have been destroyed, leaving thousands struggling to survive, and disrupting access to vital services such as hospitals. There have also been reports of people trapped in towns and cities that are subject to shelling.

There are reports of food shortages as people stockpile supplies to avoid the danger of venturing out into the streets, and health centres are already becoming overwhelmed with civilian casualties.

Over 1.5 million people are thought to have fled Ukraine, while over 100,000 have been internally displaced and left without shelter, food and possessions.

10 children have been reported to have lost their lives and many have been separated from their caregivers when crossing to neighbouring countries, leaving them highly vulnerable.

Islamic Relief does not currently have a programme in the conflict areas or in countries neighbouring Ukraine, but we are in the processes to transferring funds to a trusted international partner to help support vulnerable families on the ground.

We are currently working to establish the more effective way that this can be used to support those affected by the conflict, as well as how we can further scale up our support going forward.

Islamic Relief helps vulnerable people affected by conflict across the globe and with your help, we can continue our lifesaving work. Please donate to our Global Emergencies Fund.