Heavy rain and snowfall which hit northern Syria in December is continuing to cause disruption across several areas in which Islamic Relief carry out essential aid work. The heavy snowfall has already damaged over 200 camps and destroyed tents and belongings, affecting  more than 150,000 displaced people.

We are currently distributing heating materials, tents, blankets, and mattresses to those affected. We will also provide around 7,000 food packages – filled with wheat flour, rice, lentils, sugar and salt – to the camps and vulnerable homes affected by the harsh weather conditions.

Islamic Relief will continue to support families with survival items over the coming weeks, with further plans to build long-term shelter for vulnerable communities in Syria.

With the heavy snowfall expected to continue in the coming days, there is a growing concern that when the snow melts it could flood camps and homes.

Many families still desperately need tents, plastic sheets, mattresses and food. With your support, we can help them.

Please donate to our Global Emergencies Fund to support vulnerable families in Syria.