For millions, hunger is a year-long reality. But with your support, Islamic Relief is providing the world’s poorest families with food parcels – and enabling them to celebrate the blessed month with joy.

 “We spend the feast day with our hearts full of joy”

Wassa Dembele, 57, is a Malian mother-of-five living in Banconi Commune II, in Bamako. She shares one room in a rented house with her five children and three grandchildren. Even before her husband died, the family struggled in poverty, but now it is much harder.

“Since he passed away, our conditions are getting worse,” Wassa told us last year. “Before, we were able to eat three times a day, but nowadays we are facing lots of problems.”

Wassa and her family with their food parcel

Wassa and her family with their food parcel

Wassa earns what she can by cleaning houses and collecting plastic to sell. “Right now, everyone depends on me. Apart from Djiboni, all the other children have stopped studying because we don’t have the means to pay.”

Djiboni, her grandson, is enrolled on Islamic Relief’s orphan sponsorship scheme, which provides a regular allowance for his basic needs and enables him to go to school.

“I count on the education of my grandchild, and wish to him to do not live the same life as me,” said Wassa. “The allowance that we receive helps us to face a lot of our worries. Since he has been sponsored we receive packages of food which help in the month of Ramadan.”

Last year, Wassa was one of over 25,400 poor Malians to benefit from an Islamic Relief food parcel. It included essential staples such as 33kg of rice, as well as millet, spaghetti, cooking oil and sugar.

“We spend the feast day with our hearts full of joy and happiness, and we do not feel different to others. For our wellbeing, we thank the helpful donors for what they are doing for us. May the Almighty reward them with heaven.”

Over 735,000 poor people in 30 countries benefitted from our food parcels last Ramadan. This year, lets reach even more people: Discover more about our Ramadan Appeal and donate today.