Six hundred orphaned Yemeni children and their siblings have received Eid gifts, thanks to Islamic Relief’s latest project in Sana’a.

Each child was provided with a coupon to the value of around USD$20, and taken with their relatives to a shopping mall – where they picked out new clothes in which to enjoy Eid celebrations.

“My daughters are very happy, they told our neighbors about their new clothes. They were very excited to be shopping at the mall,” said Fatimah Senan, 45, sole parent to nine children.

In Yemen at Eid, people put on their new clothes and visit friends and family. Children are given candy and money, at a special time where the basic values of Islam – empathy for those less fortunate, and charity – are particularly celebrated.

The Islamic Relief project is designed to assist orphaned and their families with clothes, ensuring that they – like other children – enjoy the blessed time of Eid.

“These gifts helped us in reducing our expenses for Eid. The value of the three coupons was enough to buy Eid clothes for my three daughters and two extra pieces for two of their brothers. My children are not now embarrassed to go out and play with other children”.

Our one-to-one orphan sponsorship scheme provides some of Yemen’s most vulnerable children with a monthly allowance that helps meet their basic needs. Children and their families also benefit from healthcare and education support, as well as Ramadan and Qurbani food distributions.