At 65 years old, Khadim is tired of struggling with life.

He works as a day labourer, and tries to support his family with the little income it allows him to bring in, but since he had abdominal surgery five years ago, he has been unable to do heavy lifting.

And when Islamic Relief distributed a Qurbani food pack to him and his family last year, his life had just got harder.

Khadim lives in flood-affected Pakistan, and his house had been destroyed. He was living in a tent.

“It is very bad here,” he said. “There is poor sanitation and sewerage systems and no health facilities.

“For the last few years, we have only had meat for Eid days. Our diet lacks so much.”

Khadim’s two eldest children Zafer, 30, and Mazhar, 22, are married and work. They try to support their father, but their earnings are not high. The whole family is malnourished. Khadim’s wife has problems with her bones and has a history of fainting. The doctor told her that her problem was a lack of protein.

Islamic Relief’s Qurbani packs contain 5kg of meat from animals chosen for their health and for the quality of meat they could provide. Last year, Islamic Relief distributed meat to more than 132,000 people in Pakistan.

Give your Qurbani with Islamic Relief and help reach people like Khadim.