In 2019, we distributed Ramadan food to over 900, 000 people across 33 countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

We’ve put together some of our favourite stories of how your generosity has helped mothers in Syria, Yemen and Gaza to provide food for their children during the holy month.

“My children love the rice,” says Um Mohammad from Syria

Um Mohammad is a widow and sole caregiver of eight children living in Idlib, Syria. Her family have been displaced amid conflict in her hometown where she was forced to leave behind all her belongings.

“Before the war in Syria we used to prepare meals for Ramadan… we used to assemble with our relatives for the breaking of the fast with happiness. We miss the feeling. Now life is difficult and most of our towns have been displaced.”

The Ramadan food parcel delivered by Islamic Relief lifted a great burden and provided much needed relief for Um Mohammad’s family last Ramadan.

“We are happy to see Ramadan,” she told us last year. “In this holy month, mercy and help increases which helps us to fast. Food is scarce and we do not have the money to buy it. We rely on the help of Islamic Relief for essential food like bread, grains and legumes.”

“I can now cook meals for my children like chickpeas, lentils soup and my children love the rice,” she said.

Giving Gabra a helping hand in Yemen

Gabra is mother of two from Hodeidah who has been displaced to Taiz governorate where she lives with her sister. Her husband died three years ago and she has been struggling to support her family since.

“We hardly get enough food and sometimes there is no food at all in our house. It’s been a long time since we ate chicken, meat and fish… during the last three years we have been really struggling to find enough food,” she said.

The food basket which we provided to Gabra and her family was very warmly welcomed.

“This food basket plays a huge role in helping displaced people in particular as we are in dire need of food. It is very difficult when Ramadan comes; you’re displaced from your home and your children do not have proper food,” said Gabra.

“Now I can say that I have enough food for the whole month of Ramadan and I feel happy that I can ensure my children will not suffer with a lack of food during the holy month.”

Lifting spirits for Ne’ma’s family in Gaza

Mother of five Ne’ma lives in Gaza where her whole family are forced to live in one bedroom. The family have no income as unemployment is rife in Gaza.

“Our economic condition is too desperate; we cannot move to another home because there is not enough money to pay the rent or to purchase food and medicine.”

“When my children want a type of food that I cannot afford, I feel sad and everyone notices my grief. The doctor has prescribed vitamins and said that it is better to eat fruit. However, we have not been able to buy fruit for many weeks…”

Islamic Relief distributed Ramadan food packages to the family last year which gave them hope amidst the uncertainty of trying to survive in Gaza.

“The Ramadan packs cheer our spirits up. It’s not just me who appreciates them, my children are also very pleased.”

“I would like to sincerely thank donors… their aid has reached and benefitted us and we are so happy,” she said, smiling.

Let’s not forget these families during the coronavirus pandemic

Please donate to our Ramadan food parcel appeal so we can reach more vulnerable parents struggling to feed their families this Ramadan, especially as they face additional fears with the global spread of coronavirus.

With your generosity, Islamic Relief will continue to reach those most in need this Ramadan, distributing food safely to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Please donate now to allow us to continue changing people’s Ramadan for the better. Read more about Ramadan 2020 with Islamic Relief here.