“We don’t just fast in the month of Ramadan; we fast all year round due to the chronic shortage of food.

“My three children and I rarely have anything more to eat than lentils and rice and even then, we cannot afford to eat this simple meal every day and so we fast instead.

“Ever since my husband passed away, it’s difficult to differentiate between our daily life and tough times – they are both the same.

“I do whatever work is available such as cleaning, feeding animals and working in the fields to earn a little bit of money.

“I start at dawn and finish late, but I worry the whole day about what I am going to feed my children when I get home.

“Ramadan is always special but this time, it will be the best gift to my children as they will have something nice to eat for the whole month.

“Alhamdulillah! The food parcel we receive from Islamic Relief enables me to at least stop worrying about food for a few weeks.

“Allah takes care of everyone in a surprising way.”

This Ramadan, with your support, we’ll deliver 7,311 food parcels in Bangladesh to reach 36,555 people like 34-year-old Lata and her family in Jamalpur.

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