Hassan was born with a heart condition_

As a baby, Hassan was diagnosed with a heart condition, but his mother – who works as a housemaid in Pakistan – could not afford to pay for cardiac surgery.

Without treatment, his condition deteriorated until at the age of six, doctors warned that Hassan’s life was at risk.

Hassan recovering in hospital after surgery

Hassan recovering in hospital after surgery

Islamic Relief provided vital funds to cover surgery and post-operative care for Hassan, who has been sponsored through our orphan programme since 2010.

Hassan is now recovering well, and his mother is receiving support to monitor his health. He is one of 38,000 orphaned children enrolled on our one-to-one sponsorship scheme worldwide. The programme provides his mother with a regular allowance for Hassan, to provide for his basic needs.

Pakistan is one of 24 countries in which Islamic Relief provides a lifeline for vulnerable children, through our orphan sponsorship programme. More than 3,700 poor families in Pakistan are currently benefitting from the scheme.