Islamic Relief has announced a major programme to assist hundreds of vulnerable families struggling with the aftermath of Gaza’s most recent conflict.

With some 80 per cent of Gazans reliant on aid to survive, poverty was already widespread before conflict escalated once more last summer. The fighting affected around 1.8 million people, and devastated homes, schools, power stations and hospitals. Months later, some 110,000 Palestinians remain displaced.

Damage to infrastructure and livelihoods has caused poverty, food insecurity and other vulnerabilities to sky-rocket. Much-needed employment opportunities and reconstruction are being suffocated by continued border closure and other restrictions, whilst public sector salaries have been unpaid for months. It is thought that over 30,000 families have recently fallen into poverty.

Unprecedented scale of need

The scale of need is unprecedented, says Islamic Relief, which has worked in Gaza for around 20 years. As part of our long-term commitment to rebuilding shattered lives in the area, we have announced plans to provide 500 families with food, education and healthcare support, as well as a range of essential items.

The ten-month project is expected to cost up to GBP £1 million to deliver. Islamic Relief is also to launch a comprehensive post-conflict recovery plan which will secure long-term positive change for Palestinian communities by reducing the impact of conflict and improving access to essential services.

Islamic Relief was on the ground providing life-saving aid throughout the conflict in Gaza, and is helping Palestinians to rebuild their lives and communities. Support our work: Donate to our Palestine Appeal now.