Islamic Relief Malawi has pledged to continue supporting irrigation farming in order to deal with hunger in the country.

The organisation made the commitment after assessing the progress of its hunger response projects in Chikhwawa.

Malawi is facing food deficit due to the floods and dry spells which occurred in the 2015/16 rainy season. Because of the maize shortage, over 6.5 million Malawians will this year face hunger.

As part of its emergency response, Islamic relief Malawi started supporting hunger-stricken families in Chikhwawa.

The organisation has been giving the families fertilizer and treadle pumps so that they can venture into irrigation farming.

Head of programs for the organisation Sheriffa Mia said they are supporting farmers with resources in order to end hunger and they are happy with the progress.

”We are impressed with the way people have responded to our help as they are working hard in farming,” said Mia.

She added that her organization initially gave the hunger victims food but changed its strategy and began distributing fertilizer and treadle pumps.

According to Mia, the projects are going on well and hunger will be dealt with as people now are working hard in their farms.

Originally appeared on Malawi 24