Islamic Relief is supporting vulnerable families in the Horn of Africa amid fears of a severe food crisis as the result of worsening drought conditions. Continued poor rainfall throughout the last year has led to crop failures and 13 million people now do not know where their next meal is coming from

The ongoing drought situation is deteriorating in eastern Kenya, southern Ethiopia and Somalia and food and water is extremely scarce in these areas. With no sign of adequate rain, many farmers and pastoralists have lost their livelihoods as they struggle to grow crops, and their livestock is dying in large numbers due to starvation.

These dire conditions are sadly expected to worsen in 2022, and millions of people are struggling to feed their children, which has led to widespread malnutrition.  Families are also struggling to access clean water as water sources have dried, leading to health concerns.


Islamic Relief’s response

Islamic Relief is ramping up support to those affected by the drought who are in urgent need of food, water and livelihoods support, as well as hygiene kits.

In Kenya, we are providing cash transfers to enable drought-affected households buy food.  We are repairing boreholes and distributing water tanks to communities in need of water sources. We’re also supporting affected households by providing them with fodder and vaccinating sheep, camel and cattle.

In Somalia, we are distributing food packs containing staple items such as rice, oil and flour to help support struggling families. We’re also repairing boreholes, and providing communities with clean water through water trucks, as well as distributing water purification tablets to help with urgent water needs. These water interventions are also being distributed in Ethiopia, as we work to try and combat the high rates of malnutrition through food pack distribution and monitoring health concerns.

Islamic Relief are planning to continue supporting families suffering amid the drought. Please donate to our Global Emergencies Fund to allow us to continue our lifesaving work in Africa and beyond.