Miskan, 77, lives in Pakistan’s remote Chagai district, near the Afghanistan border. With few public services and little essential infrastructure, life in the isolated village of Charban is hard.

Before the prolonged drought that triggered famine in the region in 2000, Miskan was a renowned maldar (livestock owner). His 300 goats were his only source of income, in a region where other work is scarce. He lost his animals during the disaster, and now others pay him to take their goats for grazing. The little he earns does not go far in meeting the needs of his large family.

When we met Miskan last year, he told us that during Ramadan, the family had only dry bread and water with which to break their fast. Miskan’s health was deteriorating and he struggled with a persistent eye infection.

He received one of more than 5,100 Ramadan food parcels distributed by Islamic Relief across Pakistan in 2013. The 40kg package contained staples such as flour, rice, and pulses, as well as sugar, salt and cooking oil – with dates added as a Ramadan treat.

For Miskan, the supplies meant food for the holy month, and a joyous Eid.

This Ramadan, use the power of your zakat to provide nutritious food to poor people like Miskan during the blessed month. Donate to our Ramadan Appeal today.