Afghanistan’s Bamyan province is home to father-of-four Mohammad Hussain and his family, who struggle to make ends meet on a single income.

Mohammad, 70, works during the winter months, collecting firewood to sell. The rest of the year, the family rely on the little that his son – fifteen-year old Ramazan – earns.

Mohammad and his daughter, Roqiya, carry home their Islamic Relief foodpack.

Mohammad and his daughter, Roqiya, carry home their Islamic Relief foodpack.

“My elder son works more than 12 hours a day,” Mohammad told us last year. “This is the only source of income for my family. He receives 5000 Afs (about GBP £52) a month, which can provide us with food only twice a day. We rarely eat three times a day.”

The family’s typical diet consists of the cheapest vegetables. Meat is a luxury that is usually beyond their reach.

“[Due to] insufficient [food] and unhealthy diet, all of my family members are getting weaker by the day and are often sick.”

Trapped in poverty, when someone becomes ill it may be weeks until the money is found to pay for a doctor and medicines. Three years ago, Mohammad was forced to borrow money for a relative. Unable to pay it back when demanded, he had to let his daughter work for his creditor until the debt was repaid.

Banishing hunger at Ramadan

“Last year in Ramadan my family were hungry. My son lost his job and nobody was earning any money.  We had to use our savings, which couldn’t meet even our basic needs. Our life is full of challenges.”

Mohammad at home with his wife and daughter.

Mohammad at home with his wife and daughter.

But in 2014, Mohammad was one of over 24,700 people to benefit from family foodpacks distributed by Islamic Relief in Afghanistan. The 68 kilogramme packs contained staples such as flour, rice, beans, cooking oil and dates.

“This year Alhamdulillah Islamic Relief has given us a complete package of food, which is enough for an eight-person family for one month. All of my family members will be able to eat sufficient food and will be able to keep the fast without suffering.”

This blessed month, enable a family like Mohammad’s to break their fast with nutritious food. Donate to our Ramadan appeal now.