The people of Yemen have endured more than 7 years of unremitting crisis. In that time, the country’s economy has collapsed and hundreds of thousands of people have been killed.

Rising unemployment and inflation are pushing food and other basic items out of the reach of many families and at least 4 million people are internally displaced.

Famine is a constant fear, with clinics supported by Islamic Relief struggling to cope with the numbers of malnourished patients, particularly children, in need of help.

Some 21 million people – more than two thirds of Yemen’s population – need humanitarian aid, with 17.4 million people facing acute hunger and food shortages.

More than half the population don’t have access to clean water. This impacts their livelihoods, agriculture and health, increasing the risk of catching water borne diseases such as cholera.

Children are being robbed of their future as the conflict has kept around 2 million out of school. On top of that, the millions of children facing malnutrition and starvation are likely to suffer lifelong health issues as a result, if they survive.

A lifeline in the crisis

Islamic Relief has been supporting the people of Yemen since 1998. We significantly strengthened our programmes in the country in response to a serious escalation in the conflict in 2015.

We provide food, water, healthcare, and education to help fight malnutrition along with dangerous diseases like Covid-19 and cholera.

We work to provide access to clean drinking water and distribute food, fuel and blankets to families and communities to help them through the cold winter months.

Chronic underfunding is hampering the international response to the crisis in Yemen, with some organisations having to scale back their response due to a lack of funds.

In recent years, Islamic Relief’s supporters and partners have donated more money to Yemen than some major governments.

Your generous donations have helped us to support the people of Yemen, but as their plight worsens, they need us now more than ever. Please help us to continue our live-saving work. Donate now.