Families in Afghanistan and Pakistan are struggling in the aftermath of the earthquake.

The earthquake occurred on Monday, October 26, and around 20,000 homes in the area have been either damaged or destroyed.

In-country experts have been travelling to remote areas, which were the worst affected, to assess what help is needed and distribution of tents, plastic sheets and food has already begun.

Islamic Relief's initial planned response in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Islamic Relief’s initial planned response in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Zafar ud Din, 40, a father of three living in Chitral, in Pakistan said: “These days are some of the worst days we are encountering.

“When the earthquake jolted us, I was working in a farm. Rocks were falling from the hill tops and it was very dusty. Those were very horrifying moments. My wife gave birth to a baby boy two days before the earthquake struck. I thought my family must have been killed and I ran home desperately afraid of what might have happened. 143 families live in my village and all were crying for help. The whole of my village has turned to rubble including my home. For half an hour, I was crying and shouting. Everybody was running to help their families. I was relieved when I had a first glimpse of my wife and children. They all were safe because at time of earthquake, they all were out of building. Thanks to God for giving us another life.

“My family and I are staying with our neighbors as their one-room is intact. We have lost all our belonging and home. My kids feel cold at night time. All I need is to provide warmth for my kids. Electricity in my village is not available any more. Families are forced to huddle together at night-time for warmth or we light a fire. We need help to protect ourselves and our livestock from the coming snow.”

In Afghanistan, the situation was also desperate, with many families losing their possessions and livelihoods.

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