More than 100,000 people have fled the city, many living in isolated camps.

Islamic Relief’s team in Iraq is supplying essential items to nearly 4,000 people who have fled Mosul since October.

The distribution of food and essential hygiene kits is taking place at a camp outside the city where thousands are living in temporary shelter after leaving their homes behind.

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Islamic Relief regional desk officer, Tom Colley, said: “It’s cold and wet in these camps and they are lacking even basic services like healthcare and education.

“It’s an inhospitable place to stay because it’s meant to be temporary, but the reality is these camps are likely to be more long term than anyone intended.”

Our team in Iraq has been carrying out two distributions each week across different areas – prioritising female-headed households, people who are elderly and people with disabilities – and each parcel received should support a family of six for two weeks.

Tom said: “We want to look beyond food now to more long-term programmes.”

Our team plans to roll out income-generating livelihood programmes, supporting people to live self-sufficiently.

Around 130,000 people are believed to have fled Mosul since the escalation of conflict in October, and each of the clusters of camps beyond the city’s boundaries is now home to between 10,000 and 20,000 people.

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