(Image: Lewis Inman/DEC)

Rori, 29, lost many members of her immediate family including her mother who died in front of her.

Rori’s entire family has been affected by the earthquake, she was trapped under a car at one point and shattered her leg. It took several hours for her husband and other people to rescue her as they dug her out by hand as there was no heavy machinery available.

Her family are still looking for the bodies of many relatives and hope to give them a dignified burial.


This is her account:

“I have one baby who is six months old, she is alive. My husband, aged 27, is also alive. But my mother, grandmother, cousins, niece, and my aunt are yet to be found under the debris.

“I was there during the earthquake and it was chaotic at the time. We tried to save all of our loved ones and ourselves. But when I tried to save my mother, the earth suddenly split up. My mother fell backwards into the crack and was swallowed by the moving ground.

“I fell forwards and a car fell on top of me. I was pinned down on the ground and my right leg was shattered. I don’t know what happened next but fortunately, after the earthquake, my family was there to help me. The people could not lift the car at that time so they dug the ground under the car to get me out.

“My home has been totally destroyed and was raised to the ground, even the terrace and the main building are now about 50 metres away. The earth moved quickly, because of the liquefaction, and other houses fell on to the remains of our home.

“We have no idea where the bodies of our family members are; they are scattered everywhere. I saw the earth moving and the debris was moving towards me. Fortunately, the car stopped the debris flowing into me. So, I was saved by that car initially. It took a while for me to be rescued and 10 minutes after I was finally rescued, the car exploded. So, it’s very painful to be alive.

“There are lots of people injured and hundreds more, we believe, are still hurt under the debris. We don’t know for sure who is injured and who is missing because after the earthquake, after our house was destroyed, we scattered everywhere.

“Our immediate need is food and shelter and also health facilities because, during the emergency response, the hospitals were very full. I even stayed outside the area. I was in hospital for two days in the open air because all the rooms were full and I was in the open.

“We received help from our neighbours, and from Islamic Relief and their partners. They helped to evacuate us, provided medical care and gave us food and shelter.

“We are now living with a family member whose house has not been damaged. And, till today, I still don’t want to enter any building because I’m still afraid and traumatised. Even this morning there were three aftershocks. It made me cry because I still remember the horror that occurred during that day.

“I hope that we can rebuild our house and that I can recover from my injury.  I hope that I can get some proper treatment for my leg and we hope that there are no more aftershocks in our area so we can live without fear.”


Islamic Relief is working with local partners Ruma Zakat, PKPU and KONSPESI to distribute relief items including dry food packages, drinking water, blanks and tarpaulins. Our global offices have also despatched water treatment plants, procured and transported food and hired a warehouse as a base for out emergency response. We are also working with the Disasters Emergency Committee in order to provide relief and rehabilitation.

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