Father-of-four Muhammad Husni, 42, lives with his wife and grandchild in Lombok, Indonesia. Work is scarce in the drought-stricken Temah village, but he works whenever he can as a farm labourer.

“My income is not enough to cover the basic needs of my family,” he told us, when we met him last year. “I have to work hard to collect firewood to sell in order to buy food.

“I have chickens. When I face money shortages, I sell one of them. Sometimes it’s not enough and I have to borrow from someone.”

The family’s one-roomed home is made of bamboo, with a grass roof. There is no toilet, and no running water. Muhammad could only afford to send his children to primary school, but dreams that they will one day escape poverty.

“I hope my children have a better future,” he said.

Muhammad has received a Ramadan food parcel from Islamic Relief for the past two years. Last year, his parcel contained basic staples such as rice, noodles, and cooking oil, as well as sugar and condensed milk. It provided the family with food with which to break their fast, and celebrate Eid.

This year, use the power of your zakat to bring relief to a poor family like Muhammad’s: donate to our Ramadan Appeal today.