Nassira and her family unpack their Ramadan parcel in Mali

Nassira Keita, 49, is a grandmother living in Djicoroni, near Mali’s capital city, Bamako. Life has been hard for Nassira since her husband died.

“I’m living with my two sons and three grandchildren,” she told us in 2013. The family share two rooms, made from earth and roofed with corrugated iron sheets. There is no kitchen, and no running water.

“The children of my husband’s other wife do not want to see me in the courtyard. They do not help me at all and would like to get me out of the house.”

“Life is far from easy. I am the main breadwinner, but I have some problems with my leg. My family income comes from gardening, washing clothes for people, and charity.”

Nassira particularly worries about her granddaughter, who was left disabled by childhood meningitis. “I don’t know what I will do, but I’m thinking of my children. I hope they can get a good job in the future and improve the family living conditions.”

Nassira Keita lives near Mali's capital city.

Nassira Keita lives near Mali’s capital city.

For eight years, we have been helping Nassira to meet the needs of her family. “I have had my child sponsored by Islamic Relief since 2006. Ever since, I have benefitted from the sponsorship programme as well as Ramadan food packages.”

In 2013, Nassira’s Ramadan food parcel contained 33kg of rice, as well as millet, spaghetti, cooking oil and sugar. It was one of over 5,000 packages distributed to poor Malian families last year.

“I spent the month of Ramadan peacefully. I fasted during the whole month thanks to the food package provided by Islamic Relief.”

Islamic Relief food parcels helped 735,000 of the world’s poorest people to observe the holy month without the worry of finding food.

This year, we want to reach many more families like Nassira’s. Please use the power of your zakat to ease hardship at Ramadan: donate now.