Tonight when many people go home, they will sit with their family. They might watch television together, pray together, share stories from their day. They will fast together, and after sunset, they will gather together to eat as a family.

Many people have a very different reality. There are more than 50 million refugees in the world. For many of them, there will be no food with which to break their fast. They will go to bed hungry instead. They are not the only ones who will struggle. Communities after a poor harvest, those whose lives have been torn apart by natural disasters, people who are struggling to find work and pay bills; what will their Ramadan be like?

In Ramadan, we can reflect on our lives. We can be thankful for all that we have. Through God’s grace, we can pay tribute to our brothers and sisters elsewhere in the world who will struggle, not just this month, but year-round. And we can offer them our thoughts, our prayers, our zakat, remembering that ‘family’ does not just mean our parents, our children, our siblings.

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