Djimiet Hassan, 60, is a mother-of-six living with her family in Am-Timan, Republic of Chad. She and her children work hard, but they cannot grow sufficient crops or earn enough money to meet even their most basic needs.

“Our food stock is exhausted,” Djimiet told us, when we met with her last year. “Our farm does not do well because we are too poor to be able to produce more crops.”

All of Djimiet’s children work as daily labourers, earning a little money towards the family’s daily expenses.

“Shortage of food is a big challenge for me. I do not produce enough, though my children work very hard. Often, we go two to three days eating only porridge.”
Djimiet Hassan, Am-Timan, Chad

In 2013, Islamic Relief provided Djimiet with a Ramadan food parcel. The 19 kilogram package included essential staples such as beans, millet, cooking oil, and dates.

“I’m happy to receive this food pack,” she said – adding that it will help the family to meet their food needs during the holy month. “May God reward all donors, and increase their welfare so they can support other vulnerable people like us.”

Last year, Ramadan food parcels distributed by Islamic Relief benefitted 19,620 of the poorest people in Chad.