Peran Bussu is a 75-year-old Rohingya refugee who was forcibly displaced from his home and now lives in a refugee camp in Bangladesh with his family.  

The family have been living in dire conditions and have struggled with everyday tasks since they were displaced 

“Now that I am 75 years old I am no longer able to work and my memory has been affected. Most of the time I struggle to remember things. As a refugee it is very difficult to get a job…most of the time we depend on charitable food donations”, says Peran.  

With the lack of a reliable income, Peran and his family face great difficulty when it comes to being able to eat regular, balanced meals. In particular, having the opportunity to eat meat is almost impossible  

“We try our best to run a household but there is little work for us, so we rely on relief goods. Meat is not cooked in our home for months on end. It is impossible for us to buy meat…over the last two years, the idea of eating meat is like a dream. When we were in Myanmar we were able to eat meat a few times a week, but in the last two years we have only been able to have it three or four times in total. I am sure this affects our healthWe can’t purchase enough food to live sufficiently, but we depend on Allah”, says Peran.  

 Islamic Relief’s gift of qurbani was warmly welcomed by Peran and his family

Eid al-Adha commemorates the willingness of Ibrahim (AS) and is important for us to remember. I remember Eid in my country but as a refugee we cannot afford to sacrifice any animals right now. A few days before Eid my wife asked me about how we will spend the day when we have no money and no meat to eat. I told her that only Allah knows how it will be.  

“Then I heard that Islamic Relief had arranged some Qurbani meat for us. Over the last two years we have been able to celebrate Eid because of these donations. Apart from Islamic Relief and their donors people have forgotten about us. Thank you all for staying with us”, says Peran.  

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