Channels of Hope Child Protection project is run by the Woman and Child Development Program in Islamic Relief Pakistan. It aims to bolster community based protective mechanisms, and  manage child protection referral systems.  The project builds on the ‘leave no one behind’ principle to ensure women, men, girls and boys of all ages and abilities are able to enjoy a dignified, equitable quality of life.

In its pilot phase the team is running workshops with faith leaders to promote girls’ education and advocate against negative cultural practices such as corporal punishment and child labour. In engaging local scholars on Islamic values pertaining to equitable access to opportunities, CoH IR Pakistan is changing social norms and attitudes around child protection and safeguarding. Listen to religious testimonials from Pakistani scholars on GBV prevention, child protection and women empowerment.


Promoting Girls Education:


Challenging Child Labour:


Challenging Corporal Punishment:


Celebrity, Imran Abbas, and faith leader share same perspective on the importance of girls’ education:


Workshop with Faith Leaders on Child Protection: