Parul tries to earn a living by working as a cleaner, but it does not bring in enough money to sustain her and her five children.

The family does not have enough money to afford to eat three meals a day. It is rare that they enjoy meat.

Parul and her family

Parul and her family

Parul, 50, said: “As we are unable to arrange a meal three times a day, it is like a day dream for us to buy meat. The occasion of sacrifice is very difficult for me. During Eid al Adha, I cannot feed my children even a minimum amount of meat. As a mother it is very painful.”

When Islamic Relief gave Parul and her family a Qurbani meat pack last year, she was overwhelmed.

“Getting the packet, I ate with my children,” she said. “My children and I have peace and contentment in our minds. From the core of our hearts we prayed for you. At least for one time, we have been able to eat a good meal.”

She added that she and her family, who live in the Chandpur district, had health problems as a consequence of the lack of protein and iron in their diets.

In 2014, Islamic Relief distributed Qurbani meat packs in 29 countries, reaching more than 3.5 million people. In Bangladesh, nearly 240,000 people were given meat packs.

Please remember families like Parul in your Eid preparations.