Renowned TV presenter Eman Ayad has launched Islamic Relief’s largest ever winter appeal, ‘One winter, worlds apart,’ which aims to help over half a million people.

The Al Jazeera Principal Presenter visited our international office in Birmingham UK this week to give her backing to our annual winter appeal.

“I am very proud to be here and to be launching this campaign,” said Eman Ayad, who met our staff to gain insights into our lifesaving work around the world.

‘’What motivated me to participate in this blessed campaign is that Islamic Relief is operating on a huge scale and entering areas of conflict where few other organisations operate.”


Eman Ayad will also be visiting Islamic Relief’s aid distribution programmes.

“I hope we can shed more light on these programmes,” she added. “With the generous support of donors we can offer warmth and hope to 500,000 people in the cold months ahead.”

Islamic Relief aims to help more than 500,000 people in 16 countries to get through the worst of the winter months.

Helping vulnerable families survive the harsh winter

We hope to spend £8 million ($10 million) to give families winter survival items like blankets and heating supplies. Islamic Relief will also provide mattresses so people don’t have to sleep on the cold ground, and vital hygiene supplies like soap and toothbrushes.

Our efforts will be a lifeline for families facing dire conditions this winter, pointed out Eman Ayad, who is also a goodwill ambassador for Al Jazeera Women’s Media Foundation.

Struggling to keep warm and cook, Fatema burns wood and plastic waste, producing harmful fumes that her children breathe in.

Focusing on the most vulnerable families, we’ll reach people like Fatema. After her home in a Syrian village was bombed, she and her family moved into a partially demolished house.

“There are no doors and no windows that protect us from winds in winter,” said Fatema earlier this year. “We put up worn blankets instead of doors.

“We suffer a lot in winter and the cold is very severe. There are not enough blankets and firewood to keep us warm in this harsh winter. My children go out every morning to look for branches and they walk in the streets without shoes.”

Abu and his 13 relatives also face dire conditions this winter in their dilapidated, leaking home.

“We don’t have heating and rely on a wood fire to keep warm… this isn’t safe because I have small children and old parents who can inhale the bad fumes,” said Ali, who lives in poverty-stricken Gaza. “But what can we do and how can we get warm when the rain soaks us every year?”

Winter means grim conditions in the unheated, leaking home of Abu and his family.


Our biggest ever winter programme spans 16 countries

Islamic Relief’s winter programme this year will reach vulnerable families in:


• Afghanistan
• Albania
• Bangladesh
• Bosnia-Herzegovina
• Chechnya in the Russian Federation
• Iraq
• Jordan
• Kosova
• Lebanon
• Macedonia
• Myanmar
• Nepal
• Occupied Palestinian Territories
• Syria
• Tunisia
• Yemen

Thanks to your generosity, over 320,000 people received lifesaving winter survival packs last year. With your support this winter we can reach even more. Donate to our Winter Appeal now.