Father-of-three Qerim Krasniqi, 56, lives in Carrallukë, Municipality of Malisheva, Kosova.

“I had another son and he was killed during the war,” he said. “Now, the state gives us assistance for veterans. My older son tries his best to work in construction or elsewhere but rarely finds a job. As a family we do not have job opportunities; none of us works.

“I have hypertension and I need a lot of money for medicines. I also suffer from kidney stones. We eat low calorie food. Our normal diet is potato and white beans; we have soup sometimes when good people will provide us with soup.”

We spoke with Qerim last Ramadan, when he received an Islamic Relief food parcel for the second year running.

“Ramadan is beautiful, especially during the beginning when the weather here was cool and fresh. Despite being sick I do enjoy iftar with people and lots of activities during the holy month.

“But it is so hard to observe Ramadan when you do not have enough food. This packet is going to help me for at least one to two weeks.

“We beneficiaries know each other and we know how happy people are when they get at least a package to have better days especially in Ramadan.”

We distributed more than 2,800 food packages in Kosova last year. Each contained essential staples including rice, spices, chicken soup and macaroni as well as salt, sugar and cooking oil.

This year, use the power of your zakat to enable poor families like Qerim’s to observe Ramadan without the worry of securing food. Please donate today.