Qurbani marks the completion of Hajj. Every year Muslims around the globe slaughter cows, goats and sheep to commemorate the sacrifice that the Prophet Ibrahim was willing to make.

The meat of the sacrificial animal is divided into three portions. At least one third of this goes to people who are in vulnerable situations and in need of assistance.

In 2017 we implemented 149,923 Qurbanis and distributed 532,287 Qurbani meat packs in 33 countries reaching 3 million beneficiaries.

This year, we are planning to distribute meat packs to 3.5 million vulnerable people, including countries like Syria, Pakistan, Somalia and the Palestinian Territories.

We couldn’t have implemented the Qurbanis of 2017 without your generous help. Your donations not only bring happiness to those less fortunate, but allow them to enjoy Eid without worrying about how they will feed their families.  For many, this is the only time they will be able to eat meat in the entire year.

Families like Fanta’s in Mali or Hafize’s in Kosovo were able to experience the joys of Eid through YOUR help!
You can read more about some of the people you have helped on our Qurbani page.

Donate your Qurbani today, for just as little as $65 and share the joys of Eid.


We invite you to share the joys of Eid by donating today.

Group A – $65
Niger, Chad, Malawi, Somalia, Mali, Sudan, Kenya, Nepal

Group B – $110
Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, South Sudan, Pakistan, Yemen, Chechnya

Group C – $190
Philippines, India, Afghanistan, South Africa, Lesotho, Tunisia, Kosovo, Jordan, Albania, Lebanon, Macedona, Indonesia, Bosnia

Group D – $330
Syria, Iraq, Gaza, West Bank, Syria (Turkey)