Ramadan Kareem to Muslims across the globe from the Islamic Relief family. We pray you have a blessed month that allows you to draw closer to Allah, share iftar with one another and spend time with your loved ones.

As we celebrate the entrance of this special month, we remember vulnerable families around the world who do not know where their next meal is coming from, and whose lives have been torn apart by poverty and conflict.

With your kind support, every Ramadan Islamic Relief provides families like this with packages containing essential food items, offering them much-needed relief amid difficult situations.

Thanks to your support, last year 227,000 families across 30 countries received Ramadan food packs. Together, we reached more than 1.2 million people.

Supporting Sagira

Among them was Sagira from Rautahat, Nepal. Ramadan was particularly challenging for her, as her son passed away shortly before the blessed month.

“We have been struggling to survive since my son’s death. We are all still mourning and falling apart,” says Sagira, who explains that her son was the main breadwinner for their household.

“My daughter-in-law was not allowed to leave the house until 40 days after her husband’s death – the Muslim ritual of Iddat – and this made it very difficult for us to earn money”.

Sagira struggled to provide for her 4 grandchildren, spending long days working in the local fields to earn a meagre wage. Her young grandson was also forced to start working in a brick factory to help support the family.

Then, Islamic Relief distributed food parcels to Sagira’s family, providing them with staple foods such as flour, oil, bread and rice to help ease their burden during Ramadan.

“The quality of food which we receive from Islamic Relief during Ramadan is very high. We are very happy as it helps to satisfy our hunger after we have been fasting. Islamic Relief is helping many families like ours, and no one in the community will have to suffer from hunger during Ramadan,” says Sagira.

Sagira with her family.

Ramadan is now an easier and even more special time for Sagira and her family. They pray together, and come together after sunset to break their fasts with a balanced meal. Neighbours share food, and it is a time of happiness and togetherness for their community.

Sagira also explains that receiving food means that the family will be able to save money throughout the holy month, which will ease their suffering after Ramadan too.

“Islamic Relief always support vulnerable families in our community, without discriminating in the slightest.  We are fortunate to receive this kind of support”, says Sagira.

Thank you for your help

At this special time, Islamic Relief Worldwide and the many thousands of people we reach would like to thank all our supporters for their generosity. Together we are helping to feed families across the globe, heal the wounds of war and lift people out of poverty and suffering.

This Ramadan, Islamic Relief will continue reaching those most in need, distributing food to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

As we draw closer to our families this Ramadan, let’s continue to reach out to our global family of people in need. Please donate now.