When Erlina felt the tremors of the earthquake that caused the 2004 tsunami, she was at home with her children.

Her husband, a fisherman, was out on the water working. When she heard cries that the water was rising, she did not really understand. Instead, she waited at home, worrying if her husband was okay.

Eventually, she fled to safety with her daughter Anisa and son Fachrullah, but returned later to try and search for her husband.

“I felt sad and confused that my husband was still missing,” she said. “I still do not know what happened to him.”

Erlina and her family needed food, safe drinking water, clothes and shelter and Islamic Relief was able to help.

Anisa was just four when Islamic Relief started to help her and her family.

Anisa was just four when Islamic Relief started to help her and her family.

“They gave me food like rice, and sugar, milk and most of my daily needs,” she said.

Sponsoring her daughter

Soon, Islamic Relief was able to sponsor her daughter Anisa Nurul, who is now 13.

“Soon after the tsunami happened, there was an announcement to gather in the village for aid. When I went they registered Anisa for sponsorship. Later they opened a bank account on our behalf and every month we take money from that account.

“My life was greatly helped with the aid of Islamic Relief, especially through the scholarship that has been given to my daughter. Sometimes, I did use the money from the scholarship for other purposes, but only when emergencies happened, because I always prioritised my daughter’s education.

“Anisa is now in the first grade of Junior High School.”