Mother-of-eight Sameera Ali Murshed lives in Amran city, Yemen. Since Sameera’s divorce, she and six of her children have shared a home with her sister’s family.

“My children and I go begging everyday – either from neighbours or shops – and rely on some help from local charities,” said Sameera, 35, who is unemployed. “Most of the time I borrow money to cover our expenses.

“I have kidney stones, and my three-year-old, Doa’a, is disabled. I tried to provide some medical treatment for her, but I could not afford it. My other young daughters have a blood infection.

Sameera and her children take home their Qurbani parcel.

Sameera and her children take home their Qurbani parcel.

Alleviating loneliness and worry at Eid

“To buy meat, we need more money – which is very hard to get. Sometimes, other people give us meat. It affects our feelings, [it makes us feel] we are not living normally, like others.

“When Eid comes, we remember loneliness and worry. We cannot afford Eid things such as clothing and toys.”

But last year, Sameera received one of 3,088 Qurbani meat packs distributed by Islamic Relief in Yemen. The four kilogram package meant relief from the worry of securing food, and joy at Eid.

“This meat made me and my kids very happy. We are able now to eat meat for two to three days.”

This Eid, you can free poor families like Sameera’s from the burden of finding food, and enable them to celebrate the festival with happiness. Give blessings. Give joy. Give Qurbani with Islamic Relief.